What Change Agents Are Saying.

Rodney, you made me feel more comfortable within myself, more disciplined. Thank you for coaching me and training me, not only physically but mentally.

Anji Woodley

I loved how Rodney King weaved his life story, and together with his martial art practice, was able to succeed and win at the martial arts of everyday life.

Naveen Jain
Billionaire Entrepreneur & Founder: Moon Ex

Rodney has a natural leadership ability to inspire others to tap into their own capacities and to stretch beyond self-imposed limits.

Christian de Quincey PhD

As a positive psychology researcher I am impressed with Rodney King’s intuitive grasp of people’s strengths and hopes. King introduces the best aspects of performance psychology to help people achieve their own goals.

Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener
Positive Psychologist

There are few people I’ve met in life who have as much passion about helping others as Rodney. He cares deeply about getting people results. That’s not easy to find these days. And the best part of everything he does is that what he teaches works!!!

John Michael Morgan
Chuck Norris of Marketing

Rodney King is years ahead of his time, he has taken his martial arts to the level of budo, where few dare to go. I am a big fan.

Geoff Thompson
Playwright & BAFTA Award Winning Author
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