“As a positive psychology researcher I am impressed with Rodney King’s intuitive grasp of people’s strengths and hopes. King introduces the best aspects of performance psychology to help people achieve their own goals. King’s methods are a breath of fresh air.”
Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener
The Indiana Jones of Positive Psychology & Author of Happiness

Mindfulness-In-Action Program

Bringing together the art and science of mindfulness, we explore what it takes to enhance your inner capacity for success. Crucial to our approach is looking at mindfulness from a holistic lens. More than simply improving one’s cognitive performance, we believe that true lasting inner success is only possible if you experience it through your entire body. As such, we take what is known as an ’embodied’ approach, teaching you how to show up purposefully with poise, clarity and equanimity.

Ways in Which this Program Can Be Offered

  • Remotely: Distance learning. We can deliver this program via Zoom anywhere in the world, fitting into your team or organizational schedule.
  • As a half day workshop within your organization.
  • One-on-one coaching.

Just a Few Organizations This Program Has Been Taught to

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • AirBnB
  • Singapore Airlines
“If you are an executive or professional looking to get more out of your life and career, Rodney King is someone you need to meet. Rodney delivers a powerful personalised coaching experience that engages his clients physically, intellectually, creatively and emotionally. The result is a richer understanding of yourself and the world that will have a positive impact on everything you do.”
Jon Moore MS, JD, HCISPP
Former Director PricewaterhouseCoopers

Mindful-Embodied Leadership Program

We believe that true leadership capabilities need to come from a leader’s entire self. Unfortunately most leadership training is head centric.

We take a different approach, teaching leadership principles and inner management skills rather from an embodied perspective. In other words, how you show up in a leadership role all of you not just what is happening in your head, is crucial to leadership success.

Ways in Which This Program Can Be Offered

  • As a half day workshop.
  • On site one-on-one coaching.
  • Virtual coaching via Zoom.
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