"There are few people I’ve met in life who have as much passion about helping others as Rodney. He cares deeply about getting people results. That’s not easy to find these days."
John Michael Morgan
The Chuck Norris of Marketing & Best Selling Author of Brand Against the Machine

Dr. Rodney King PhD, MA, RSME, M.ISRM

Rodney was awarded his PhD from the University of Leicester’s School of Business (UK), a global academy for leaders, innovators and change-makers. As a social scientist his area of research was in the role mindfulness plays in leadership performance. He earned his Masters degree in leading innovation and change, awarded by York St John University’s School of Business (UK). His undergraduate work was in psychology.

Rodney is the author of Full Contact Living, a book about the key inner lessons needed to succeed in life. He is a recognized global leader in personal threat management. In addition, he is a Certified Member of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management.


"I loved how Rodney King weaved his life story, and together with his martial art practice, was able to succeed and win at the martial arts of everyday life."
Naveen Jain
Billionaire Founder: & CEO of Moon Ex​
"Rodney King inspires, teaches and has taken his life of training to empower others to take on life and win. He is a true master in his art and a warrior with the knowledge and the grit anyone would want to learn from."
Dr. Mark Green
Lieutenant Colonel US Army (retired)
“As a positive psychology researcher I am impressed with Rodney King’s intuitive grasp of people’s strengths and hopes. King introduces the best aspects of performance psychology to help people achieve their own goals. King’s methods are a breath of fresh air.”
Dr. Rober Biswas-Diener
The Indiana Jones of Positive Psychology
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