The Mindfulness-In-Action Method

“As a positive psychology researcher I am impressed with Rodney King’s intuitive grasp of people’s strengths and hopes. King introduces the best aspects of performance psychology to help people achieve their own goals. King’s methods are a breath of fresh air.”
Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener
The Indiana Jones of Positive Psychology & Author of Happiness

4-Modules, 4-Hours

At Embodied Performance Coaching (EMP) we have designed a practical, experiential Mindfulness-In-Action program, that will teach you how to show up in life and your career: calm, focused and centered.

The Mindfulness-In-Action experience can be taken either in person 1:1, as part of a team event, or virtually.

For the virtual event as well as 1:1 coaching sessions, we suggest splitting the Mindfulness-in-Action experience into 4 manageable Zoom sessions, whilst the in-person team workshop can be completed as a 4-hour stand alone experience (or this could also be divided over 2 sessions). We also offer extended Retreats in the Art of Mindfulness-in-Action in Thailand.

The Mindfulness-In-Action experience focuses on 4-key areas of development – namely: Action-Mindfulness, Mindful-Presence, Developing a Zen Mind, and Mindful-Breath.

Module 1: Action-Mindfulness

This is the backbone of the Mindfulness-in-Action experience. In this section we introduce participants how to apply mindfulness in the action of the chaos of life, off the meditation cushion and into the world. Mindfulness is a state of being where you are able to be present without judging the outcome of your experience. It involves not becoming attached to unhelpful thoughts and emotions, and the stories that have always held a person back from achieving success in their career and life. The outcome is the ability to be fully present, which then leads to what we call embodying a fluid mind. This is an embodied state that will allow a person to show up in life and career with a calm focus.

Module 2: Mindful-Presence

How you experience your body, not only changes your physiology, it also changes how you think and feel about yourself. How you show up in the world then, matters more than you ‘think’. Scientists have discovered that some very simple gestures, such as how you shape your mouth, can affect your mental attitude. Bottom line, the fact is while our minds and bodies are different, they always go together. In this section of training we introduce participants to Mindful-Presence, and why it is essential for peak performance in any endeavour.

Module 3: Developing a Zen Mind

Thinking isn't inherently bad, but what a person focuses on can be. Reflecting on past mistakes, or planning for the future are crucial for long term achievement. But when it comes to performance, in the moment, when it matters most, past and future can get a person into trouble. When a person’s thoughts are moving into the past or the future, they can easily get caught up in a mental vortex of unhelpful narratives, and spin out of control. Most importantly they lose contact with the present moment, the only moment they can fully respond with clarity. In this section of training we explore the unhelpful narratives that keeps a person back from achieving what they most want in life.

Module 4: Mindful-Breath

Breathing shouldn't only be seen as something a person does simply to stay alive, but rather, and equally important something they need in order to act. More and more, the medical community is realising that sympathetic dominance (fear/aggression response) underlies many modern-day maladies, including anxiety and hypertension. While all the variables of the root cause of sympathetic dominance are not completely understood, one root causes is, in fact, suboptimal breathing. This section of training looks at how participants can speak to their nervous system so that they can better manage those moments of intense stress.

What You Learn

"I have now worked with Rodney in various capacities—as a mentor, a collaborator, and the more I have the privilege of knowing and being with him, the more I realize how exceptional he is in what he does. He has a natural leadership ability to inspire others to tap into their own capacities and to stretch beyond self-imposed limits."
Dr. Christian De Quincey
Author of Radical Knowing & Philosopher of Consciousness Studies
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